Dreams From My Mother

2009 – 2010
approx: 14’ (w) x 36” (h)
Cotton, linen, hand woven on digital Jacquard loom
2 found blouses, one hand woven & sewn blouse
Studio Assistant: Liz Morrison

Museum Memories

3 panels (24” x 40” each)
Slide projection of dolls
plain weave background
inlay design, cotton, linen, synthetics

Side & front views

The Venus of Willendorf, a Dancer & Reality

3 panels (54” x 96” each)
Slide projection of the women of the
New Brunswick College of Craft & Design.
Photographer: Cara Cole

Cotton, linen, synthetics, inlay design,
plain weave background

Corking for Beginners Through Advanced

Corking video, stools, 14 corking units, corking tools, red wool, red corking
Lunch time corking workshops were held daily in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.
Collaborative piece with Angela Somerset