Rescuing the Fragment

1991 / 1992
Installation on two opposing walls

Neither Here nor There
65” x 24” x 10”
Barbed wire, shadow

(each panel 75” x 32” x 2”)

T: How to Make a Latvian Blouse
xerox on paper, pins
Text from the book Novadu Terpi (Latvian Costumes)

M: Object of Ethnicity
Latvian blouse, pins, text on mylar
Text from Exhibiting Cultures by Barbara Kirchenblat-Gimblett

B: From Folk Art to Fine Art
Xerox on mylar, pins, drawn threads
Text in Latvian, Russian & Latvian from Latvian Tapestry by Sandra Kalniete







Rescuing the fragment 1 Rescuing the Fragment 1 Rescuing the fragment 2 Rescuing the fragment 4